Kitchen Table Redo – DIY

I have always love color! When we moved into our current apartment, I had decided that I wanted to accent it with beautiful, bold bright colors, so that it would inspire creativity, and of course lots of smiles. I wanted something unique that no one else would have, or would even be selling.

Now, my kitchen is small, so there really isn’t enough room for a large table.  I found a 30 inch Ikea kitchen table for $20 that was all banged up and full of stains. Truly, without a table cloth, it was definitely sore to look at. Since I was on a tight budget, and needed new kitchen furniture, I splurged on the chairs that i fell in love with at Pier 1 Imports, and saved money on the table by repainting this one!

I love to upcycle what someone else might recycle.

I sanded down the unfinished, stained wood, and wiped it clean. Painted a coat of white primer.  Then three coats of Carribean Blue by Behr, acrylic wall paint. (For small projects, it is cheaper to use the 2 oz. paint samples that they sell at Home Depot). I had ordered a Damask stencil from Amazon, and using a roller, imprinted the design, and when it had dried for 24 hours, I sprayed on a sealant. I used 5 coats, lightly sanding between each dry coat, so that the new coat would stick.  The sealant protects it from water marks, and chipping, and allows you to clean the table.

We love eating here every day!

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