Painted DIY Cell Phone Case



I recently purchased an iPhone 5C, with a package deal from Verizon which included a cellphone case. I had chosen a simple clear one, figuring that at some point I would do something creative with it.

Well last night, I pulled out  my Martha Stewart craft paints and started painting the case from the inside out, in reverse! This means that instead of painting the outer area of the phone case, since it was clear, I painted the inside. Painting first the yellow bud of the daisy, then a white gold petal to show the natural lines of a flower petal, and followed by white paint on top of those petals to now make them appear more opaque.

Then using the back of a small paint brush, I began to make a series of dots in a variety of colors, stopping every so often to allow some of those layers of colors to dry somewhat, so that I could create new dots with new colors behind them.

It is such a happy looking phone case and was so very easy to do! I don’t think that you have to be particularly artistically inclined to achieve something like this. It reminds me a dress from the 1970’s. 🙂

Here is what you need:

  • clear cellphone case
  • acrylic paints in a variety of colors (I love Martha Stewarts craft paints because they are multipurpose and multi-surface)
  • paint brush



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